Summer Update: We’re getting Interactive!

The Interactive Bit:

You’ll notice a few additions on the top of our website.  Warshiner officially has its own Facebook page and Twitter account.  We promise to keep things casual, no spam, maybe a few tales of home brewing experiments, and of course our interactions at cons.

Update on Issue 3:

Currently issue three is in production, Kate Rodriguez is killing it with the art as always.  She’s cranked out some amazing pages thus far.  Without spoiling too much I can tell you this upcoming issue will answer a few more questions about certain characters and get a little tense.

The Thing I Can’t Talk About Yet:

We have some really amazing news for the Warshiner series and as soon as the ink is dry, I promise anyone who keeps with us on here or our new social media presence will be the first to know.

Thank you to everyone who has bought and read Warshiner and become a fan.