Dr. Evelyn Ambrose is a botanist on the run from Earth who is about to be offered a very interesting business proposition.  In a time when the universe’s largest empire has banned all alcohol, Evelyn finds herself producing alcohol on a foreign planet with the intent to distribute in dry space.  Luckily she is not alone, she lives with a cast colorful, capable and dangerous characters that guide her through this intergalactic tale of prohibition.



Creator and writer Rebecca Rothschild


Rebecca is a writer and narrative designer living in Chicago working on several animation, comic and game projects. She is the creator and writer for the sci-fi comic book series Warshiner as well as the free web comic Shero and Vex. She has worked on games including Injustice 2, Mortal Kombat X and Mutant Football League. She loves collaborating with artists and is always looking for a new project. You can follow her on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.

Artist Kate Rodriguez


Kate Rodriguez is an independent illustrator, comic artist and professional nerd from Chicago. She takes inspiration from Don Bluth, Fiona Staples, and Tracy J. Butler. She also encourages you to look into the art of each of those people if you do not recognize the names.